Types of Editing

This is a simplified overview of several types of editing involved. Turning drafts into great stories, inspirations and/or lessons to share with the world. Let us handle the publication processes through our available packages.

Editing Options – Iridium Package
Prices are based on book type, length, complexity & etc:

  • Developmental editing (early in draft/outline phase)
  • Structural editing (flow, structure, overarching quality assessment, etc)
  • Content editing (reorganization/in-between structural & line-editing if necessary & non-duplicative)
  • Consistency editing (incongruences, tonality, etc), $0.048/word
  • Line editing (grammar, punctuation, verbiage readability, etc), $0.04/word
  • Copy-editing (after all other edits, extra precise review/revision looking at fine details for further improvements)
  • Proofreading (last step after formatting)These steps are dependent upon the status of the book’s publication progression.